Own assignments

Below are some samples of assignments I have worked with lately, distinguished by their individual, group and organizational focus.

Personal coaching on several organizational levels.

  • CEO in a Telecom company
  • Head of department in a governmental authority
  • R&D Manager in a international tech company
  • Project Manager in a business development environment 

In general the goal with the coaching sessions is to guide and enhance self-awareness around the client’s mental, emotional and action patterns. In order to increase the perceived action space within selected areas of responsibility and with relevant interpersonal relations.


Work with management and work teams on various levels 

  • Top Management team in the installation industry
  • Management team in a governmental authority
  • R&D Management team in a global high-tech industry

These assignments typically last over a longer period of time with several consecutive workshops. The set-up allows for the teams to explore and work with the footprints of their efforts in their organization. The goal is to clarify the interdependencies with the environment and to reinforce the inherent capacity of the teams to succeed.


Assignments related to a desired shift in direction and outcome for the whole organization or for a selected target group, as decided by the top management.

  • Launching and implementation of a strategic change agenda in an expert organization
  • Positioning and process mapping of an R&D unit in an international industrial company
  • Development program for middle managers in a global transportation company

The common goal for this type of assignments is to increase the leverage and effect of what people do and how they interact, in accordance with agreed-upon values and strategies.